Особенности внимания подростков в режиме медиамногозадачности

10 апреля 2020 // Галина Солдатова

В журнале "European Psychiatry" вышла публикация Галины Солдатовой, Светланы Чигарковой и Евгении Никоновой "Features of attention in adolescents functioning in the mediаmultitasking mode". Публикация посвящена особенностям внимания у подростков при медиамногозадачности.

Introduction: Adaptation to the modern world of complexity, diversity and digitalization makes it necessary to work in multi- tasking mode. Therefore, the study of the phenomenon of multi- tasking and such a higher mental function as attention in the young generation becomes relevant.

Objectives: The aim was to study the characteristics of attention and multitasking mode in adolescents.

Methods: The study included cognitive tests (the Dots test, the Schulte test), extraction of auditory evoked potentials from the EEG and a quasi-experimental scheme for digital multitasking. Sample included 20 adolescents 15-17 years old from Moscow.

Results: All respondents consider themselves to be mediamultitas- kers. Most often they combine audio and video content as a background while performing everyday tasks, including learning. They showed good results in cognitive tests. The fewer errors in the dots test, measuring executive functions, were committed, the higher the index of work warming-up (concentration of attention) of the Schulte test (r=0.73, p=0.02) was. A greater number of errors in the dots test was linked with lower psychological stability of the Schulte test, (r=-0.72, p=0.02), less manifested potential amplitude P300 and lower latency (r=0.86, p=0.02).

Conclusions: Adolescents operating in the mediаmultitasking mode in everyday life, show mostly good results in cognitive tests. Higher executive function abilities in mediamultitaskers is associ- ated with better concentration, lower latency P300 and lower atten- tion sustainability, which can contribute to the switching between different tasks. The further study is supposed to test the results on a more representative sample. 

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